Current medical aid tariffs are charged for all services rendered. Please feel free to contact me to enquire about 2018 rates. All queries are welcome and are commitment-free.

Accounts are settled with the practice directly. A claim to medical aid is your responsibility. This means payment for sessions is due upfront and you can then claim for reimbursement from your medical aid. As the different medical aids offer various options related to what they cover, the onus rests on you to find out what exactly your medical aid will cover beforehand.



Once an appointment has been scheduled, I will email you an invoice with the practice’s banking details. All accounts are to be settled via EFT. Accounts for services of a therapeutic nature are payable on the day of the first session. Should you commit to sessions, we can discuss and agree to a payment plan in session. This is usually on a monthly basis. Accounts for assessment-based services need to be settled prior to the session as serves of this nature are usually once-off occurrences.  



I am bilingual. / My huistaal is Afrikaans, maar ek is ten volle tweetalig. I consider myself to be sufficiently proficient in both English and Afrikaans and therefore allow my clients to lead as far as language of preference is concerned. Ek voel ‘n mens verduidelik hartsake makliker in jou eie taal.