It was a given that, upon completion of my high school career, I would go to university and embark on my tertiary studies. At the time, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to study much less which profession I would like to follow one day. So, when choosing a study program, I decided on something that aligned with my interests but also allowed for movement and that wasn’t too rigid or narrowly focused – a BA in Humanities.

During the course of my undergrad I was able to discern what sparked my interest the most – people, their thought processes, how they reason, make decisions, deal with challenges and engage with others. Against this background, I elected to do my BA Hons in Psychology as I sought to deepen my knowledge on the one component of my studies which had thus far intrigued me the most – people.

Following my year of honours I completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and began my career as a teacher, where I gained exposure to both public and private school settings. Whilst I gained fulfillment in imparting knowledge and collaborative meaning making with my learners, I became increasingly aware that the learners in front of me were more than the schoolbooks and pencils around which their school day seemed to revolve. I felt drawn to the individual, the person reading from the book, the person making notes… Who are they? What challenges may they be facing? How do personal factors impact on their academic performance? It was clear to me that there was more about learning and development I wanted to discover.

From here stemmed the decision to do my Masters in Educational Psychology. My practical internships were completed within school settings where I engaged with primary school, high school and special school learners, as well as students and young adults within a tertiary study/ university environment. Allowing me to gain hands on experience with a wide demographic of clients.

I am constantly amazed and excited by the resilience and ingenuity of the human spirit. I am honoured to be playing a part in realising the potential inherent in others.